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Literally Love

Love the podcast but the September 6 episode had an overuse of the word literally. It was getting humorous. 🤣😂😂 But seriously, great podcast!

Love the new format!

I am loving listening to the conversations between Hannah and Melissa. We need more women podcasting in accounting!

I’m Proud of You!

Ben delivers high quality and very valuable content on what feels like a never ending path to self sufficiency in the world of starting and running your own bookkeeping firm. As a student in his course with so many ppl posting their success stories on our group’s Facebook page, Ben is never a stranger. Constantly commenting on how proud he is of everyone, making this whole experience extremely personal. Well, I wanted to turn it around for a second and have been reflect on his accomplishments for a moment in case he reads this. Myself, and I’m sure many others, are very proud of you sir! Thank you for being you! Keep up the great work!

Ben Robinson Delivers More than Just Numbers

This review is long overdue. I’ve been listening to Ben since he started his podcast and am always impressed. His common-sense approach and upbeat humor is refreshing. He can take a dry subject like bookkeeping and make it enjoyable. Besides that - he instills a sense of hope for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business that it’s not only possible, but it’s fun. I enjoy the variety of guests he interviews - from the mega-successful to the just-starting out. Every single podcast has some gold nuggets that are worth listening to. Best regards, Carol Youmans

Fun and informative!

This is my favorite lunchtime podcast! I always learn so much when I listen to I Love Bookkeeping, but I also love how Ben and his guests seem to have fun with the show and not make it sound stuffy. Bookkeeping is a profession that hasn’t really been in the spotlight, until perhaps recently, and it’s refreshing to hear a podcast that allows it to take center stage in a way that consistently provides useful information in an enjoyable way.

Fantastic Value!

It always amazes me how much we can learn from another business owner in the same field as ours. These podcasts are proving to be priceless and incredibly valuable as another resource in my toolbox for learning the ropes and building my own business. Thank you!

So much value!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What a great podcast! I’ve learned so much just from these first two episodes. As someone who’s just starting in this industry, learning about the beginnings of others and various challenges they face, really helps me navigate the waters and avoid making some beginner’s mistakes. Looking forward to more episodes!

What I learned

I am lucky to be a bookkeeper in the digital age and have the opportunity to own a business that I can grow with. This episode was replaying in the background while I reconciled transactions from the weekend. As Ben talked about ways to qualify your next group of incoming clients, I realized he could be talking to ME! I was hearing what he was saying and I knew it fit where my business was currently sitting. I don’t need clients to make the ends meet. I can afford to be choosy this next time. And he gave reasonable steps to get there.


Really loved the deeper dive that this podcast offered!!! Many different lessons in business and not just about bookkeeping! Really valuable in terms of thinking how to serve clients!

Entertaining and Informative

I walked away with actionable items to expand and improve my business. This will definitely be going on my playlist!

Value of bookkeeping

Love the episode enjoyed listening and look forward to more episodes. Bookkeeping is my additional way of becoming FI. I like to work with others as well as help out my clients when they need the knowledge and skills I posses to keep them going. Thanks again for such a wonderful episode!!!

Excellent Example of Adding Value!

Listened to the podcast and thoroughly enjoyed the entire conversation! I learned a ton in just one session... I DO love bookkeeping and I LOVE being part of BBL, Money Guides and TBL!!

Real. Challenging. Inspiring.

Love hearing the stories of others doing the same thing we are day in and day out. Ordinary people doing awesome things to bring value to our clients and have fun while doing it! Thanks so much Ben Robinson for creating more valuable content for us to be challenged and inspired by!

Great info

Learned multiple things to help grow my bookkeeping business.

Ben is awesome!

Ben has a heart to serve and liberate Professional Bookkeepers. He gives them the tools to really reach their goals!

Ben is the man

Love how knowledgable and insightful Ben is about how to live the good life with your own bookkeeping business! Highly recommended!