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I Love Bookkeeping

I Love Bookkeeping is a global community of Bookkeeping Professionals. We all bleed bookkeeping and want to grow and prosper our businesses. This podcast is for Bookkeeping Professionals who serve clients, and it's for the woman or man who aspires to join our great industry. Join Hannah Robinson & Melissa Honan every Tuesday and Thursday to geek out on Bookkeeping.

Recent Episodes

What to Do With Shady Clients (How to Fire Them With Tact) - Encore Presentation

We’ve all had shady clients. The question is what you should do when encounter one? For Ben, he gets rid of them as quickly as possible. [1:15] There isn’t an easy solution if a shady client makes up a good portion of your business’s revenue,...

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How to Get Great Online Reviews - Encore Presentation

Getting online reviews is the lifeblood of a virtual bookkeeping business. Reviews are one of the first things people look at when considering whether to buy a product or service, without them a certain element of trust is missing. [1:35] Where are...

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How to Get Quality Bookkeeping Clients - Encore Presentation

Everybody needs to be marketing, but that doesn’t mean you have to take on clients. One of the cardinal sins in this business is to stop marketing. [1:10] Your message needs to be going out into the marketplace all the time. It takes time for the...

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Bookkeeping Niches: Deep Dive - Encore Presentation

Niche marketing is one of the keys to success for 21st century bookkeepers because you have to go deeper with your clients. If you’re working with a number of different niches, you won’t be able to fully understand your client’s businesses or...

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How to Research Your Niche with Heather Phillips - Encore Presentation

Heather has always had a desire to help people and that’s reflected in the jobs she’s had in her life. Once her daughter was born, Heather decided she wanted to stay home with her. After a few years, she wanted to explore working again. She looked...

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Overcoming Difficulty in Business - Encore Presentation

We all face difficult things in our lives, but on the other side of difficulty is usually some victory. For example, getting through the Air Force’s basic training and passing the CPA exam. [1:20] It wasn’t what I expected, but I persevered,...

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